The Classification of Poker Hands

Card combinations in poker are usually called poker hands. Nowadays there are more than a hundred of poker variations, and each of those poker games has its own poker hands ranking, poker players usually use special lists of poker combinations ranged in order of precedence. You will find a short description of all the main card combinations and strategies on poker hands in this article.

Straight is a combination of five cards from one suite (no matter what is the value of those cards). Flush is a combination of five cards which go one after another (no matter to what suit those cards belong). It can be seen that straight flush is a combination of five cards of the same suit which go in sequence (for example, Five-Six-Seven-Eight-Nine). Royal flush is the highest street flush (Ace-King-Queen-Jack-Ten). “Four of a kind” is a name for a poker hand in which all four cards of the same value are present, and in “Three of a kind” hand there are just three cards. “Full house” is a five cards combination in which there are three cards of the same value, and two cards of another rank (for example, three Aces and two Tens). There are also two winning combinations called Pair and Two Pairs (there are two cards of the same rank in first case, and two pairs of cards in the second case – for example, Queen-Queen, and Nine-Nine).

In most of the poker variations, royal flush and straight flush are the best poker hands. Four of a kind is at the third place. Full house, flush, and straight come after it. Three of a kind, two pairs, and one pair round out the list. In poker games, you may oftentimes meet the situation when two players or more have a combination of the same value. How to deal with such situation? The answer is quite simple: the person whose cards are higher is a winner. For example, if you have two Queens, and your opponent has two Aces, he is a winner.

Another interesting thing which you can easily find on specialized sites dedicated to online gambling is a start poker hands list. In poker, you have to make a decision – whether you want to gamble or not – as soon as you got your cards, and you may estimate your cards very quickly through the use of this poker hands chart. For example, start combinations like Ace+Ace, King+King, Queen+Queen, Ace+King are considered to be very strong holdem poker hands, and some poker players even call them monsters. Other pairs of cards of the same value (Nine+Nine, Ten+Ten, Jack+Jack), along with Ace+Queen and Ace+Jack combinations, in which both cards belong to the same suit, are also quite strong. Ace+King, Ace+Queen, and Ace+Jack combinations, in which cards belong to different suite, are the moderate power combinations. The more people take part into the game, the more attention should be paid to start poker hand choice.